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How do you switch off? Like. If you are talking in like one liners and then you say you are going to a place with a person. Do you just write a para or notify them? Or how does that work out? I'm totally new to the hole role playing deal :P
─ Anonymous

You would do both at the same time. It’s not realistic, obviously, to be talking to one person and, like, at the movies with another, but hay, it’s just a game.

Would you be able to link a good example of what a good tumblr RP should look like? I've only ever done it on Twitter or other websites so I'm not sure what it should look like - meaning how it's set up (paragraph or not).

Here’s an example of one of my roleplay pages (for a roleplay that’s not started yet shhh). Basically, if you keep everything organized and appealing to the eyes, you’re good.

Be sure to make a new account, like sign up for Tumblr again, for a roleplay. Don’t make a subblog because you can’t answer questions correctly. I would also advise, when replying to other roleplayers, to tag the post with the character’s name so they know where to find your reply.

For smut and sex scenes, can we use GIFs too or only paras? And are 100x100 icons ok to be used for replying posts?
─ Anonymous

I mean you could, but I don’t think anyone would want to look at porn gifs… The whole point of roleplaying is for the writing though, but if you feel uncomfortable writing smut I would suggest not doing it, not joining a roleplay with it, or I guess using gifs?

Icons? Most roleplayers use gifs when replying but if you don’t have those I don’t see why not…

Help me, please? I am brazilian, so i don't know write in english so well, but i try. You have some tips/dictionary to recommend for me? I do not want to embarrass myself because of this.
─ Anonymous

I suggest using, too, or google translate or something. I don’t really know what else to say…your English really isn’t awful! I would suggest including that your first language isn’t English in your applications so that the admins understand.

Ive been roleplaying for years, yet its been years since I've joined an online community. I'm interested in tumblr roleplay but I have no idea how to go about it. I have a recently created oc that I think could fit into many fandoms and could just be fun for people to mess around with, but any tips I find seem to be about joining a specific fandom for specific characters. I'm awfully hesitant about the whole thing at the risk of looking foolish but I really would like to jump back in. Any tips?
─ Anonymous

With an OC, you can apply for any roleplay you find yourself wanting to join. Since you’re creating your own character, it’s really based on what you think would appeal to you. If they turn you down, they turn you down- don’t beat yourself up over it. I would suggest applying for whatever interests you and the admins will know if you’re a good fit or not.

Tips for Summer Roleplaying


Summer is here which means everyone is joining all their favorite RPs. I’m not discouraging this but I’d like to give a few tips for those who are joining multiple RPs.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

There are so many good RPs popping up now because almost everyone is on summer break. Just because you have more time than you used to doesn’t mean you should join every RP in the tag. Keep in mind summer doesn’t mean you don’t need to eat,sleep, and shower anymore. If you’re interested in a variety of RPs, look through the follow list and check the activity for yourself. Some RPs have 3+ para replies others have 5 sentences. Be aware of those things before you join.

Stick to what interests you

Whether you are influenced my RPC/RPH or your friends, make sure you join RPs that interest you. Sometimes RPs get a lot of hype and you feel pressured to join. Don’t let that happen to you. Join RPs with a plot and character that you can connect to. There’s no point in RPing if you sit there feeling uncomfortable and disconnected with the character you chose purely because someone told you to. Side note: Don’t let the FC determine who you choose. 

Keep track of your accounts

A lot of admins are making it mandatory for you to create a separate account when you join. This means you will have a lot of emails to keep track of. Write them down and the character they’re associated with for your own reference. I almost never log out of my accounts so when I do I have a mini-derp moment trying remember which email it was on.

Remember you have a real life too

I’m just as guilty as the next role player for sitting on my laptop and RPing all day. Though I can live like this for a while there are times when you need to step away from the screen and look at that bright thing called the sun once in a while. 

hi! i was wondering if you could maybe help me out with a male faceclaim? i'm hunting for a brunette guy who could pass for 16/17, and who is more... boyishly charming than conventionally "hot." thank you! <3
─ Anonymous

Steven R. McQueen, Logan Henderson, Dylan O’Brien, Jack Quaid, Nico Tortorella, Logan Lerman, Alexander Gould, Alex Watson (is he brunette? He might be blonde. I wrote too much to erase it oh well sorry)

I hope this helps! If anyone else has suggestions for anon, please let me know!

Could you possibly recommend me an actor that could pass of as 20? Preferably black of hair and somewhat tall-ish. With lots of GIFs already in hand, too. Thanks!
─ Anonymous

Anna Kendrick, Ashley Greene, Kristen Stewart, Sophia Bush, Mila Kunis, Zoe Kravitz, Sarah Hyland, Antonia Thomas

I hope this helps! If anyone has more suggestions, please let me know. :)

It's chill, I didn't really make the question clear :P lol, I mean like do you have any tips for coming up with a plot or making your writing interesting... whatever :] xoxo
─ Anonymous

Oh gosh, I think that these links really help!

A lot of my bio ideas come from help from my friends, specifically a little angel named Peaches, as well as songs, everyday life, and movies.

can you direct me to an easy to use gif tutorial, please.
─ Anonymous
Could you give me a list of blonde girls that could pass as a seventeen year old? Thanks!
─ Anonymous

Ashley Benson, Candice Accola, Teresa Palmer, Dakota Fanning, Taylor Swift, Taylor Momsen, Hayden Panettiere, Dianna Agron, Brittany Snow, Annasophia Robb, Blake Lively, Emily Vancamp, Allie Gonino, Meghan Martin, Ashley Tisdale

I hope this helps!

Hi :) So I found an rp I really like the look of and want to join, but in th audition form one of the questions is 'Why should you be this character?' I've been rping for about two months now and haven't seen this question before, and was wondering how I should answer it? Every time I try to, my mind just goes blank.
─ Anonymous

I think the question just wants you to show the admins that you actually feel for the character you’re auditioning for and it’s not because your friend told you to or you always take that face claim or something.

I would answer it by saying that I’m a dedicated roleplayer and that I believe I could to the character justice and develop him/her in my own way and have a good time while doing it.

Your best option is to answer it as honestly as you can- why did you pick this character, and why is your audition better than someone else who might send one in?

I need 2 FC's, that could pass for 21 years old and 18 years old, that could be older sisters to India Eisley, any thoughts?

The first few that came to mind were Sarah Hyland, Mila Kunis, Kristen Stewart, Vanessa Marano, Emma Stone (they have similar nose/face shape, even if the hair doesn’t match), Barbara Palvin

I hope this helps!

Who could pass as a male version of Leighton Meester?
─ Anonymous

I would say Garrett Hedlund, Evan Peters (maybe not the hair, but the face!), Harry Styles, or Logan Lerman.

I’m terribly sorry if this doesn’t help at all! This is probably the strangest/hardest question I’ve ever gotten, haha.

How do you make an OOC Blog?
─ Anonymous

Most admins use a sub-blog for the OOC blog. Make a side blog, then set it as private, and you have to invite the people in by providing a link. Important note: the link only works once, so you have to do it multiple times for multiple people!