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Roleplay Do’s and Don’ts: Episode 3

I feel like it is very necessary to introduce this little series onto my blog. I’ve already compiled a large list of basic things you should know about roleplaying, but there’s always the little unspoken rules, for lack of better word, that are floating around out there.

Do! Go to your admin(s) when you have questions regarding your character, other characters, the plot, locations, and even tiny details you might think aren’t important. That’s why they’re there! If you’re confused about something, it’s not that hard to go to their ask box and use your words and ask! If you’re worried about them getting annoyed, it won’t happen, so don’t be afraid.

Don’t! Ignore an admin when they send you a message regarding how you are portraying a certain character or respond rudely when they send you a message. (Okay, if they’re rude to you, your rudeness back could be justified, but still- be the bigger person). An admin wants to see their characters be portrayed accurately and keep their roleplay alive and healthy, for lack of better word, so listen to them and be nice!