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A guide to Tumblr roleplays:

As you may or may not know, there are a lot of different kinds of roleplays out there. People can (and do!) literally make roleplays based around whatever they want, whether they are based off of movies or books or an original idea that they came up with themselves. Different types of roleplays entail different things, and that is an important thing to remember when choosing a roleplay.

  • Fandom roleplays- are created based around TV shows or movies (The Vampire Diaries, Glee, Pretty Little Liars, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who, for example). These roleplays can be played with canon characters or original characters. Crossovers are popular among fandom roleplays (see definition of crossover here).
  • Original roleplays- are formed from ideas that are completely the admin’s own, and are not necessarily inspired by anything that already exists- if they are, it is lightly enough that you cannot pick out an already existing plot. Examples of these types of roleplays are here and here.
  • OC roleplays- the plot is written by an admin, but all characters are created and written by the roleplayers themselves.
  • Hollywood roleplays- are centered around real life celebrities (like Ashley Benson or Harry Styles) and don’t usually have any biographies or set plots. Hollywood RPs are good for making friends and having fun, but not for serious roleplaying.
  • High school roleplays- are centered around high schools and can be anywhere from boarding school to regular high schools. They tend to get a bad rep for not being all that interesting, but they are still fun and good for beginner roleplayers.
  • Supernatural roleplays- are centered around supernatural beings (most commonly witches, vampires, and werewolves).
  • Asylum roleplays- take place in mental health facilities and the characters suffer from some kind of disorder (hence why they are there).
  • Bandom roleplays- A bandom is one that circles around band members (mostly rock, alternative, acoustic and such. Hardly any pop), affiliates of bands, merchies, roadies and OCs. Similar to hollywood RPs, but minus the actors and actresses. Just those in bands and affiliated with. Credit for definition here.

Choosing a roleplay that you want to participate in depends entirely on what you like, and it’s best to choose a roleplay that you find interesting rather than one that is just there.